Connecting With Our Flowers

How to Get Bee's Wing Farm Flowers

City of Fall's Church Farmer's Market

Saturdays 8 am-12 pm (April-December)

Pick-Up at Bee's Wing Farm

Porch Petal Bouquets, Elopment Flowers, Bee's Wing Gifts, & CSA Subscriptions

Pick-Up Days:

CSA Members: Wednesdays

Porch Petals: By appointment/order requested

Elopement Packages: By appointment

Instructions for our Farm Pick-Up

  1. Ignore Road Closed Sign on Hollow Oak Road but be aware it is a rugged dirt road.
  2. When you arrive park in front of the big red barn.
  3. Enter the barn through the small black gate.
  4. In the shedrow of the barn, there is a small vintage fridge. Porch Petal bouquets will be in the fridge in a bucket labeled with your name.
  5. Please take the number of bouquets or buckets ordered.
    Each bouquet will have a hydrating wrap on the bottom of its stems. If you are concerned about some water dripping on your vehicle's upholstery we recommend bringing a plastic bag to wrap around the hydrating wrap.
  6. IMPORTANT: Please be sure to close the fridge door.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

***We ask that during this time you wear a mask, and practice social distancing while picking up from the farm. Thank you for helping keep us and you safe and healthy!***

Pick-Up Locations for CSA Members

Pick-Up Day By Location

CSA Members can pick-up from the following locations (early afternoon/early evening):

Wednesday Pick-Up:

  • Philomont General Store, Philomont 10AM-5PM
  • Mom’s Apple Pie Locations*:
    Leesburg 2PM-6PM
    Round Hill 2PM-6PM
  • Bee’s Wing Farm, Bluemont 8AM-7PM
  • Sweet Rose Bakeshop, Purcellville 10AM-5PM

If you are able to gather ten or more people you can start your own pick-up location. Email us for more information.


Porch Petals Local Delivery

Porch Petals is offered for a $10 delivery charge.
Flowers will be placed by your front door or on your porch. You will receive a text message when we drop the flowers.

Please see the list of zip codes. The map is a general visual guide for the delivery range. 

Zip Codes for Delivery: 20135, 20132, 20141, 20158, 20117, 20175, 20176, 20103, 20104, 20147, 20170,20190,20192, 20147, 20148, 20166, 20164, 20165, 20170, 20190, 20191

Bee's Wing Farm Flower Delivery Area Map