Wedding & Events FAQs

  • How much will it cost?

    Our wedding work is highly customized. Full-service delivery & installation by Bee's Wing Farm's Design Team for weddings is over $3,800. A La Carte/Bulk Bucket pick-up at our Bee's Wing Farm studio for weddings is under $3,800. Download our Florals Pricing Guide for more information.

  • When do I need to order the flowers to make sure I have them in time?

    The sooner the better, to have the most custom experience with us.

  • Will they wilt if it’s hot outside?

    We take every opportunity to grow, arrange and deliver the freshest flowers possible, picked at the optimal time, stored in a walk-in cooler and that is well hydrated. This ensures that your flowers are show-stopping on the day of your event. That being said we do live in Virginia where heat and humidity is no stranger. We work with our summer couples closely to strategize how to keep the flower looking beautiful despite the heat. Helpful strategies:  we can set everything up a close as possible to the event time, help you site a ceremony spot that will keep your flowers and guest cool, help strategically select blooms that are more heat tolerant.

  • What kinds of flowers can I have?

    We love the seasons and how they bring new palettes of colors and blooms with them. Download our Flowers By Season chart to find out what will be blooming at the time of your wedding.